Krios Finance Docs

Krios Liquidity Turbine (KLT)

Auto Liquidity
Krios Liquidity Turbine (KLT) will automatically inject liquidity into the market every 8 hours. There is a 5% tax fee on each buy or sell transaction that is automatically stored in an KLT wallet, and built into our protocol's smart contract is a mechanism that automatically takes the 50% of the amount of $KRI stored in the wallet and converts it to USDC.
The remaining 50% of $KRI in KLT wallet will be used to fund the $KRI side of liquidity, resulting in a 50/50 weighting of KRI/USDC, which will be automatically added as new, additional liquidity to the market pair, increasing the pool's liquidity.
Every 8 hours, KLT will add more liquidity to the pool, allowing $KRI token holders to sell their tokens at any time with little to no market spread. It will also help maintain protocol stability, ensuring that the APY is maintained throughout the entire life of $KRI.