Krios Finance Docs

Trading Fees Explained

Buy Trading Fees:
5.0% - LP 5.0% - KIF 3% - Treasury 1% - Black Hole
In total 14%
Sell Trading Fees:
5.0% - LP 5.0% - KIF 5.0% - Treasury 1% - Black Hole 2% - NFT Fund
In total 18%
  • LP - Trading fees support the liquidity of the KRI/USDC pair on MMF, ensuring that the collateral value of $KRI continues to rise.
  • KIF - Trading fees are stored in the KIF, which helps to sustain and back the positive reflection rewards.
  • Treasury - Trading fees go directly to the Treasury, which supports the KIF and provides Aurora with a marketing budget as well as funds for new product development.
  • Black Hole (Burn) - 1% of all $KRI traded are sent to the Black Hole. The more that is traded, the more $KRI get put into the Black Hole causing it to grow in size, through self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the Krios protocol stable.
  • NFT Fund - Receives 2% of all $KRI sold, which is then shared equally among Krios NFT Holders